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I.C.C. Juvenile Retention Office serves parents with juveniles ages 9 -19. Our No Cost services includes Life Purpose Empowerment, mentoring and Success Building Development that helps juveniles stay engaged in life planning and goal setting. 

icc jro

Juvenile Retention Office does not take the place of traditional schooling.  It serves to keep juveniles engaged in life development activities that promote their skills building. Our office also offers juvenile development in the workforce and business industry to help them achieve success before they enter high school, and after they leave school into adulthood

JRO offers juvenile's opportunity like no others.  The intent of this type of development is to divert them from negative behavior that may lead them to not finish school, enter into mischief, crime activity, teen pregnancy or worst.  JRO works to help juveniles meet the challenges of life responsibility and accountability for the decisions they have made or will make in the future. The main focus is to provide results that move them forward to success.

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