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Youth Benefits

Benefits of youth participation:

  • It assists in building better relationships between youth and the community.

  • It helps them reduce at-risk behavior and increased positive attitude toward achieving success in life.

  • It provides youth training and experience to sharpen skills in communication and dealing daily life challenges.

Education Benefits

Benefits of youth programs:

  • Youth are provided with opportunities to model and practice life skills and attitudes needed to treat others with respect and empathy, make better choices, and set positive and achievable goals.

  • Our programs provide Elementary, Middle and High School Curricula that integrates prevention practices to increase protective factors, such as school bonding, feeling safe at school, having the ability to solve problems, and being resourceful in seeking out sources of support.

Team Benefits

Benefits of youth program team building:

  • It provides youth with life skills to avoid criminal behavior and to seek career opportunity.

  • Youth are encouraged to interact positively with others and the community.

  • Youth is equipped with how to deal with issues such as bullying, peer pressure, and decision making, through teambuilding

Parent Benefits

Benefits of having your child in our programs:

  • It teaches your child how to solve problems without resorting to delinquent behavior, criminal mischief, and violence.

  • It promotes a positive relationship between your child and law enforcement, school officials and the community.

  • It provides a family component that gives you and your child the opportunity to bond and strengthen healthy behaviors within the family unit.

Community Benefits

Benefits for our youth in the community:

  • Youth assists in building more-positive relationships between the community and youth to decrease criminal mischief.

  • It shows youth how to deal more effectively with serious issues affecting their behavior and the community, such as peer pressure, managing anger, mental health and making good decisions.

  • Our youth compared to other youth showed lower rates of criminal involvement and delinquency and more-positive attitudes towards being socially productive in their community.

How you can help youth have an established presence in the community:

There are several ways for citizens of a community to become involved with the JRO Youth Programs. Although only certified juvenile retention officers & specialist are permitted to teach the sessions, those concerned about the welfare of the youth in their community (parents, guardians, elected officials, school board members, teachers, community program directors, etc.) can help make the JRO Programs a success in their community. Listed below are a few of the many ways that you can have an impact on the lives of youth in your community.

  • Partner with the JRO programs to offer summer program activities in your organization.

  • Partner with the JRO programs in offering mentoring opportunities that the youth can gain building skills.

  • Share JRO programs as needed (for example, request a presentation or sponsor & promote to others.)

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