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JRO Team

Our mission is to expand the quality and quantity of juvenile retention development services nationwide. Potential is equally distributed; but opportunity is not.  At JRO a major driver is healthy development and opportunity for a juvenile, who’s needs someone in their corner.  JRO was created to expand more opportunity for young people to succeed by building a juvenile success movement.  The result: a more than 10x-fold increase of young people in structured success development.  Today, we are the expert voice representing a movement that is diverse and broad and seeps into every aspect of daily life – meeting young people everywhere they are, from community, schools to their workplace and beyond.

JRO provides exceptional leadership to support, to protect juveniles and the communities they call home. That protection comes in many different forms—from development to prevent youth violence and reduce delinquency—to efforts to help juveniles become productive in society and build successful futures.

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