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JRO provides services to all youth regardless of their financial status. Services are determined on a case-by-case basis, and may be available FREE OF CHARGE following the completion of a financial assessment. We request you provide copies of any low income information or employment pay stub for verification. Please schedule a virtual appointment time to meet with a JRO representative.

Juvenile Retention Office is overseen by highly certified officer's & specialist who provide 1 on 1 Virtual Juvenile Crisis Intervention and Youth Development Programs by online Zoom. Juvenile Crisis Intervention is intended to reduce school violations, suspensions, expulsions, arrests and push-out and increase student attendance. Youth Development Program creates a team culture for business ownership and better career opportunity that builds their social economic life skills development.


If a juvenile successfully completes any JRO program he/she will:

  • Develop critical thinking skills

  • Learn to work as a team

  • Develop public speaking skills

  • Learn about justice careers

  • Meet many different people

  • Earn community service

  • Gain experience before college

  • Job assistance & preparation

JRO can also provide Scholarships, Career Education Opportunities, Awards & support to youth who have also completed any mandated teen court programs.

We're NOT Just Any Youth Program
We're Empowering Youth with Development to increase Retention in Society

For more information on services. Schedule an appointment to speak with a JRO officer or specialist.

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